Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

EIRHA offers a Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program for Section 8 HCV and Public Housing families.

The FSS program will assist participants with: finding employment, obtaining a GED, enrolling in college, increasing self-esteem, analyzing and organizing finances, rebuilding credit, developing a resume, and connecting with social service agencies.

What is the Family Self Sufficiency Program?

The FSS program promotes employment and offers an opportunity for Section 8 HCV or Public Housing families to build a savings account.

Families can earn a savings account through increases in their earned income. This savings account is called an “escrow account.” As a family increases their earnings through employment, an amount equal to 30% of that increase is deposited into an escrow account. This account earns interest and is paid to the family at the completion of their FSS contract. Many families have used their escrow toward a down payment on a home, school, tuition, or to purchase a vehicle, to name a few.

Each family involved in the FSS program is assigned a Case Manager. The Case Manager’s role is to work directly with the family to develop an FSS contract, consisting of goals to meet in reaching self-sufficiency. The Case Manager will assist the families in locating and securing supportive services within their community.

Who is eligible for the FSS Program?

The Family Self Sufficiency Program serves families participating in the Section 8 HCV Program as well as Public Housing residents.