Asbury Meadows Floor Plans

Asbury, Iowa

Units include 2 two-bedroom ranch style, which are handicapped-accessible; 10 two-bedroom townhouse-style; 14 three-bedroom townhouse-style; and 6 four-bedroom townhouse-style.

2-BR Ranch Unit 2-BR Townhouse
a_2br_accessible a_2br_main a_2br_upper
Main Floor Upper Floor

3-BR Townhouse Center Unit  with Upper Level
3-BR Townhouse End Unit  with Upper Level
a_3br_Main_with_Upper_O a_3br_Upper_Center a_3br_Main_with_Upper_O-1 a_3br_On_End
Main Floor
Upper Floor
Main Floor
Upper Floor

3-BR Townhouse with Lower Level 4-BR Townhouse with Upper Level
a_3br_Main_with_Lower a_3br_Lower a_4br_Main_with_Upper a_4br_Upper
Main Floor Lower Floor Main Floor Upper Floor
4-BR Townhouse with Lower Level
a_4br_Main_with_Lower a_4br_Lower
Main Floor Lower Floor